Sustainable Fashion

Before talking about “sustainable” fashion, let’s talk about “fast” fashion.

You might have never heard the term but you are living in the era of fast fashion. Fast fashion is basically fashion that is designed to be replaced quickly because of the quality of the product. Have you ever wonder why your FOREVER21 leggings fell apart so quickly? It’s not because you have big legs, it’s because it was designed to fall apart that fast. And yes, this is the reason why these clothes have become so cheap but there is a price to pay and you, the whole world, and I are going to pay that price.

So what’s so bad about fast fashion and what you do about it?

Fast fashion doesn’t protect their workers.

Companies ruled by fast fashion don’t care about the people who work for them. These companies pay their workers less than minimum wage (less than $3 per day) and they don’t offer good working conditions. Many of these workers are underage who have to work for long hours (averages of 14 hours per day) for very low wages and they even deal with sexual harassment. Clear example of this is when a building collapsed in Bangladesh (2013) and 1,217 people died😢.

[The building’s owner] illegally constructed upper floors to house garment factories employing several thousand workers, it said. Large power generators placed on these upper floors, necessary because of regular power failures, would shake the poorly constructed building whenever they were switched on, according to the report.

On April 23, cracks appeared in the building, shaking the structure enough that many workers fled. An engineer who had been called to inspect the structure warned that it was unsafe. Yet Mr. Rana and the factory bosses discounted any concerns and ordered their workers into the building the next morning, the report concluded. A generator soon switched on, and the building buckled and collapsed.
Report on Deadly Factory Collapse in Bangladesh Finds Widespread Blame, Jim Yardley, The New York Times

Bangladesh was at that moment the world’s second-leading exporter of clothing. AND this is just ONE example of how these workers are treated. If they are the second leading exporter, imagine how many people are going through something similar. Top brands that you might not even imagine are the ones to blame for this. Don’t let this happen again, research about the brands you use to find out what are these companies doing to protect their workers. Start making ethical purchasing decisions.

Baptist World Aid Australia is an organization who creates an ethical fashion guide every year that you can download for free.

You can click here , type a brand, and find out how good is it.

Fast fashion is expensive.

Even though you think you are saving money by buying shirts that cost less than $10, you are actually not saving. The clothes fall apart and/or goes out of trend so fast that you have to be constantly buying more and that adds up. Instead, invest in better quality clothes that might cost more but they will last longer. If you are worried about using the same clothes over and over again and look like a photograph for others, sell your clothes either online or in thrift shops. I usually sell my clothes at thrift shops and I buy from them too and they deduct taxes if I do this. It’s a win-win situation for me👌. You can also trade clothes with your friends. This is actually so much!! Plan an event and invite your friends😍

Fast fashion is terrible for planet Earth.

The creation of clothes generates CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and in case you were not aware of this, we are dealing with a huge environmental problem caused by the increase of the greenhouse gases (such as CO2) in our planet. Greenhouse gases are good but their excess is causing global warming. If you want to know more about this, click here.

Child labor, low wage, health and safety risks, environmental degradation, animal cruelty

are issues that come from fast fashion and to solve this a new way of fashion has emerged: sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion has come to save us.

Sustainable fashion attempts to maintain an ecological balance by reducing negative human impact on the environment. And not only that: they way they choose their raw materials and the way they treat their personnel is ethical. These companies strive to be good (quality over quantity), clean (don’t cause harm to the environment), and fair (still try to be as transparent but offering an accessible price to customer).

So my advice to you is: become an ethical consumer by knowing our brands and choosing the most sustainable options!!! Buy vintage clothes, support smaller companies with this ideology, and buy clothes that you know will last longer.

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  1. Hello! I’m Brianna Markunas, I am also in your cheg 2103 class with Dr. Pascal. ( I also sit in the front row lol). I’m checking out your blog after you presented it in class today and I just wanted to say that I think it is amazing! I learned about fast fashion over the summer and ever since have refused to buy clothing from fast fashion/ non-ethical stores. I’ve also been trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle as well as “zero waste.” I am so happy to know that you are also interested in this sort of stuff and thank you for spreading the word about it!

  2. Hi Brianna😄 Yayy!! I’m so happy too!! You should definitely keep up with my posts to learn more and if you have any ideas you are welcome to share!!💖 It easier to keep up via social media Instagram or Facebook, you can follow @ecoprincessfae 🌷 That way you can also share with others and get more people involved!!! Thank you so much for reaching out😊

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