It’s all about love

What is love? It’s hard to define the world “love”, it’s such an abstract feeling. But whatever love is it makes us feel good and happy. Now, thanks to the Earth orbiting around the Sun so many times it’s already February 14th! Yayyy😍

Today is the day we celebrate love. Love to ourselves, others, and of course mother Earth.🌎

How are you going to celebrate this day? What kind of gifts are you going to give to your loved ones? There are so many eco-friendly ideas out there.

  1. DIY project – you can Do It Yourself with recyclable material, plants, and other stuff. Get creative. My advice is to do a smoothie with strawberries and decorate it with Valentine’s day theme.
  2. Give plants instead of flowers – flowers are beautiful but they die a while after you give them. What if you instead invest in a plant to give it as a gift? Plants help recycling air and they look great as decoration.
  3. Cook instead of dinning out – You can cook a delicious meal with organic ingredients. You will save up some bucks and you avoid the left over’s box. 💁🏻‍♀️
  4. Give organic and ethical chocolate instead of regular chocolate – regular chocolate is mass produced and companies usually do not care about their workers so invest in chocolate that you know is worth the price.

I want to know about other ideas so please share💕🌿 I would also like to read about your experiences on Valentine’s Day. #letsTalk

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