Education Will Set Them Free

I am originally from El Salvador, an underdeveloped country that is known for having a high murder rate and scarce opportunities.

Where I am from, education is not relevant. In El Salvador,

School desertion rates are very high and are impacted by insecurity. Only about 50 percent of youth attend early secondary school (7th-9th grades), and only half of these go on the complete high school. –Education, USAID

Getting education is not a priority for them; this is represented by a high percentage of Salvadorans dropping out of school. One of the obstacles that El Salvador faces is that too many Salvadorans lack the skills needed to make the country improve. Education is beneficial not only to oneself but it could be beneficial for an entire country. If more Salvadorans were educated people, they would be an asset for the country.

I moved to the United States three years and a half ago. One of the advantages of this country is that there is so much motivation and stimulation for students throughout enrichment programs, scholarships, honor societies, etc. I have been motivated like I never was the nineteen years I lived in El Salvador. I am very thankful for every opportunity I have been given here and this has inspired me to help others. I have come to realize that there must be so much potential in Salvadoran kids, they only need motivation.

We need to invest in today’s children because they are the future.

Just imagine if we actually give these kids the necessary tools they need to improve themselves. They lack opportunities to grow because they are not educated, they are left without options. We are unaware of their capability, even they are. If we invest in them, we would set them free. If we impact Salvadoran kids’ lives through education, I know we could possibly restore El Salvador.

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