Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations

With December coming, we have to think about decorating our home to feel more the Christmas spirit without forgetting to be eco-friendly. I have compiled many different eco-friendly ideas to decorate your house using natural or recycled items.

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Even though some people think that using a real tree is a bad idea because you are cutting a tree, it’s actually better than getting a fake one that will end up in a landfill. If you use a real pine tree, after the holidays you can recycle it. DON’T throw it in the trash because even though its biodegradable, a biodegradable material takes much longer to break down in a landfill because of the lack of oxygen (landfills create an anaerobic environment that decreases the flow of oxygen). Therefore, the best option would be to find a recycling program around your area. You can contact a Home Depot location and find out if they are participating in the Home Depot’s FREE Christmas tree recycling program (for more info click here). If that doesn’t work, try Earth911 search tool here and locate a Christmas tree recycling program close to you.

However, there are more ideas. You can create your own representation of a Christmas tree using organic or recycled materials, or you can use Christmas lights.
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DIY Cardboard Christmas Tree Templates                                        Holidays will soon, cool idea for christmas tree

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You can put in practice your artistic skills (or start working on them😊) by creating your own wreath. You can use different natural materials that are wintery, such as pine cones and different herbs that you can end up eating after you are done showing off your wreath. You can also use recycled paper or even newspaper. Make it your favorite color, combine colors, just get creative!
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Image result for wreath pine cone       Christmas wreath              corona de papel

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Garlands are similar to wreaths, use the same ideas that I gave you for wreaths.

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Paper garland travel wedding garland, circle garland bunting, party photo booth home decor bridal baby shower nursery kids atlas map garland on Etsy, $10.00         Card Garland—Nice enhancement to clothespins when using for decor. Save scraps of holiday gift wrap/Christmas craft paper—use glue stick—coat one side of clothespin—press firmly onto paper—use craft knife to trim around clothespin—repeat on other side—clip to length of ribbon—hang on banister, above mantel, or entryway—pin cards on ribbon.
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Cuerda de ramos
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Another way you can decorate your home is by creating centerpieces. You can create so many different types of centerpieces using flowers, plants, wood, empty wine bottles, empty jars, and candles. Check these ideas:

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